Monday, October 25, 2010

Government Wants to Destroy American Families

"First it was school lunches, then school breakfasts. Now, school dinners?" Fox on Forbes host David Asman said as he introduced the segment. "A new nanny state plan that some say won't only destroy American tax dollars, it'll destroy American families too."

Strangely, none of the Forbes editors and reporters on the panel went on to make the argument that both American tax dollars and American families would be destroyed by a program launched in Washington, DC, to provide dinner to 10,000 schoolkids in one of the country's poorest school districts.


Forbes associate editor Victoria Barret pointed out that children who participate in schools' after-care programs may be in school as late as 6:30 p.m., and "if they're there until [then] we should give them a meal. A lot of them weren't getting a meal when they got home. We're talking about really poor areas in Washington, DC. So I don't think in this situation that you punish the kids for their parents' flaws."

  Raw Story

You know, the flaws that make them poor.

Surely this is not the Christian Right. Surely.

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