Sunday, February 07, 2010

And That's Fine, Too

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top U.S. and allied commander in Afghanistan, said the offensive would start "relatively soon." When asked why he and other commanders were being so open about their plans, he said it was partly to try to persuade as many Afghans as possible in Marja to throw down their arms and side against the Taliban.

"If they want to fight, then obviously that will have to be an outcome. But if they don't want to fight, that's fine, too," he told reporters Thursday. "We'd much rather have them see the inevitability that things are changing and just accept that. And we think we can give them that opportunity.


Sounds like McChrystal has a touch of Obamaitis to go with his pipe dream.

The conventional wisdom among U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan is that killing large numbers of enemy fighters leads to more blood feuds, more violence and a longer war. "The best victories are those you win without firing a shot," a senior military official said.

Which I guess is why we're heading into Marja on foot with flowers?

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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