Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Further on the CIA 13

Italian authorities claim they are CIA, but further word from intelligence sources say they are Task Force 121 acting mostly under authority of National Security Council -- National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and Iran-contra felon Elliot Abrams.

Washington, DC -- Jun 28, 2005 -- Italian magistrate Chiara Nobili has approved arrest warrants for the following U.S. citizens: Wanted for acting as lookouts for the kidnaping of Imam Abu Omar: George Purvis, Gregory Asherleigh, Lorenzo Carrera, Benamar Harty, Raymond Harbaugh, Joseph Sofin, Pila Rueda, and Monica Courtney Adler.

Wanted for coordinating the kidnaping: Robert Seldon Lady.

Wanted for transporting the the imam to Aviano Air Base: Lorenzo Gabriel Carrera, Carlyle Drew Channing, Michalis Vasiliou, John Kevin Duffin and Cynthia Dame Logan.

The magistrate also wanted arrest warrants for the following Americans (which were denied): Eliana Castaldo, Victor Castellano, John Thomas Gurley, Robert James Kirkland, Anne Lidia Jenkins, Liliana Brenda Ibanez, and Joseph L.Romano.


Task Force 121 Under FBI Investigation

Washington, DC -- Jun 26, 2005 -- There is increasing evidence that units of the Pentagon, operating under the authority of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Undersecretary for Intelligence Stephen Cambone, and Deputy Undersecretary of Intelligence Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, are operating outside U.S. domestic law and routinely violating international treaties and laws ratified by the United States.


Informed sources report that FBI Special Agent M. Chris Briese of the FBI's Counter-Terrorism Division (CTD) and Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Pittburgh office is now investigating TF 121 on behalf of Director Robert Mueller. The investigation is focusing on whether TF 121 members, using false FBI credentials, have negotiated with informants and counter-terrorism targets on behalf of the bureau and have sexually accosted individuals, including American women in Florida bars, with the claim that they are FBI agents. In addition, some TF 121 personnel have used press credentials to masquerade as foreign corrspondents. In one case, a TF 121 member obtained credentials from a U.S. news wire service to conduct a special operations scouting mission inside Iran. The TF 121 member used the credentials to apply for a tourist visa from the Iranian Interests Section of the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington.

In an Iran-contra scandal redux, some TF 121 units operating in Latin America, particularly in Colombia, have been linked to the smuggling of cocaine to finance off-the-books operations being carried out by the covert Pentagon commandos. In April, five U.S. troops were arrested by Colombian authorities for attempting to smuggle cocaine on a military flight to Texas. A month later, two more U.S. troops were arrested in Colombia for attempting to smuggle 32,000 rounds of ammunition destined for the Colombian counter-narcotics units to the right-wing paramilitary terrorist and narcotics smuggling group, the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia. U.S. ambassador to Bogota William Wood refused to extradite the Army personnel back to Colombia invoking a U.S.-Colombian treaty that grants U.S. military personnel diplomatic immunity.


TF 121 is also at the center of the scandals at the Abu Ghraib, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detention centers. It has been accused of hiding Iraqi war prisoners at both centers under aliases, a violation of the Geneva Conventions, and commiting acts of torture against internees. TF 121 is credited with the capture of Saddam Hussein and is said to be the lead element in the search for Osama bin Laden.

  Wayne Madsen article

Wasn't the National Security Council (and therefore TF 121) under Miss Condi's charge during much of this shit?

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