Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All This Change

Are you believing yet?

It's good to be king. I'm sure that's what George said to Barack on moving day.

The Obama administration has refused to release a Secret Service list of the names of White House visitors, prompting angry comparisons to the Bush administration. The White House is arguing that it sometimes needs to hold secret meetings on sensitive issues, but a federal judge already dismissed that argument in two Bush administration cases.

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White House press secretary Robert Gibbs refused to say if President Barack Obama would sign an executive order to prevent the release of detainee abuse photos Tuesday.


At Tuesday’s White House briefing, spokesman Gibbs said, “All I’m going to say on this is that the president has committed to all interested parties that he intends to do what is necessary to keep those photos from being released and that he intends to keep that commitment.”


The Times story added, “In order to ease Democratic concerns, the president on Thursday sent Congress a letter saying he would take ‘every legal and administrative remedy’’ to keep the photos sealed.

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....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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