Monday, January 24, 2005

But he's our thug

Following through the comments on a post at The Washington Note about Allawi's use of U.S. military aircraft in his campaigning, I came across this wonderful exchange.
Remember...once Allawi was trusted aide to Saddam, helping him come to power in the sixties. Did we really go to war to install this operative of ours?

Remember...back in the seventies, Allawi was sent to hunt down Iraqi exiles who dared to disagree with Saddam. A murderer for Saddam...our guy. The only reason our guy Allawi didn't stick with Saddam is he got a little too greedy with the payola and Saddam gave him the Axe...literally.

Remember...back in '87 when Saddam was our guy and could murder 35 US Sailors with hardly a whimper from Washington...well, not entirely true, we did say nasty things about the French.

Remember...back to '92-'95 when Allawi planted bombs in Baghdad, killing school children and movie goers at the CIA's direction. Heck, if he wasn't working for us we'd be inclined to call this kinda activity TERRORISM, but of course he worked for us, so it's okay.

Remember too...Allawi's failed attempt to overthrow Saddam in '96 ended in bloody failure, so can add incompetent to his bloody resume

Remember...back when the USofA supported the murderer Saddam? Now we have a new murderer working for us...but it's okay, 'cause we say so.

America, remember, we've tried this stuff before, it works in the short term (sometimes), but always fails in the long run.

"[Allawi]...his strongest virtue is that he's a thug." - former CIA Middle East case worker
Posted by: S Brennan at January 23, 2005 03:39 PM

Where did you learn this information?
Posted by: Charles J at January 23, 2005 09:16 PM

I don't want to go into a long bio here, but from 7th grade until very recently (aprox 35 yrs), I read at least one paper a day, a habit from my Father who felt that two papers a day was the bare minimum. I can't remember names that well, but I always will remember the story. I was trained how to read a paper, ignore headlines, no rubber necking, follow the story to the end, get the skinny on the op-ed author...ect

The story of the USS Stark is well known and nobody posting here should not know the details. Allawi's spectacular misadventure in London made the paper and Bush the 1st's aid and comfort in Saddam's murderous mayhem was well commented on back in the eighties. The story of Saddam's son in laws was followed.

Nowadays, for the obscure stuff, all you have to do is remember the story and pop in the person of interest name and Viola. So usually it goes like..."hey ain't that the guy that...[story here]". You used to have to have dough for searches (nexis), but the internet makes it cheap. Charles, the real crime is all those journalists who don't buy and read a paper every day because they are too damned lazy. Sorta reminds me of people who want to have their poetry published, but wouldn't think to buy a book of poems written by somebody else. Long story short, America's electronic mass media is not up to the job.

When it comes to Saddam and his henchmen, they've been playing footsie with the Bush family for a long time. And as anybody who has been reading Steve Clemons can attest, I can't stand any member of the Bush family. I've got a good memory for our royal family's diabolical dalliances and for my money, no serpent born in hell slithers lower than the most upright of the Bush clan. Why I'd wager the devil himself takes notes on Bush family activities, so that he can better himself at his chosen avocation.

In short, when it comes to sociopathic scum the Bush family, never met one they couldn't take a hankering to, just look at Jeb cavorting with that guy who was convicted of blowing up that Cuban Airliner...or Bush the 1st's father helping the Nazis during WW II...Neil's S&L...Jr. & Eron...and that is barely a snowflake's worth of the iceberg. The Bush bunch make the Kennedy kinfolk look like a gaggle of uptight nuns.

It amused me to no end to hear "The Second" talking about bringing democracy to the world...what's he going to do...shoot all his buddies? Ironically, right after the inaugural speech his father went out his way to say that his son was just talking nonsense for the assembled press. Stealing a quote from Josh " Well, as is so often the case with the Bush team, reality has simply outrun mockery."
Posted by: S Brennan at January 24, 2005 12:26 PM

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