Saturday, July 25, 2009

There They Go

The building will look more like it did in 1904 when it was built, but the island is losing a lot of beauty and charm, not to mention the heat factor without these trees. The crews are just going down the street slicing one off after the next.

Thanks, Ike.


  1. Leave those trees alone, goddammit.

    Please identify the site.


  2. those trees can't be left alone. we're not cutting them down because we got tired of them. those trees are dead posts with huge dead limbs preparing to crash down on the streets, the sidewalks and the people. god already damned it. the site is the island of galveston off the southern shore of texas. heard of hurricane ike? the salt water flood killed 80% of our trees. how did you stumble upon my post? i don't have many readers, and those i do have are typically aware of the location from whence i am posting. nobody here wants to see these trees go. they were the charm and glory of the island. people are sick about it. they're dead and hazardous. anything that looks like it could possibly make some kind of recovery is being pampered and kept. try not to be so demanding without proper information first. more people will be attracted to a reasonable cause than a hyperbolic crusader. just a suggestion.


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