Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vengene Is Mine, Saith the Lord

UPDATE: Ooops. The Lord's quoter was in a hurry this morning. He actually said 'vengeance", and thanks to LaBelle for pointing that out.

And by the Lord, the Bible means the USA.

The Washington Post's Dana Priest today reports that "U.S. military teams and intelligence agencies are deeply involved in secret joint operations with Yemeni troops who in the past six weeks have killed scores of people." That's no surprise, of course, as Yemen is now another predominantly Muslim country (along with Somalia and Pakistan) in which our military is secretly involved to some unknown degree in combat operations without any declaration of war, without any public debate, and arguably (though not clearly) without any Congressional authorization.

  Glenn Greenwald

Iraq, Falluja, Yemen. We have to maintain our reputation of unbridled revenge for acts against us if we are to maintain our top dog status.

The only thing is, it's not really acts against Americans that bothers us. Because in that same Post article, Priest reveals this:

After the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush gave the CIA, and later the military, authority to kill U.S. citizens abroad if strong evidence existed that an American was involved in organizing or carrying out terrorist actions against the United States or U.S. interests, military and intelligence officials said. . . .

The Obama administration has adopted the same stance.

There are four Americans on their hit list.

I wonder what constitutes strong evidence.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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  1. we know from past experience (think weapons of mass destruction) exactly how 'strong' strong evidence need be.

    just about as strong as my will power to stay out of the cookies :(



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